Overview of Our Services

Our Service Offerings

Managing an association doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult when you have the expertise that QCM offers. Here are just some of the ways that we can support you in creating a valuable, efficient and pleasant place for your residents to live:


  • Implement Board policies and rules
  • Maintain owner and resident listings
  • Assist the Board in developing and reviewing Association Rules and Regulations
  • Assist legal counsel
  • Review insurance coverage and obtain bids when necessary
  • Prepare agendas and attend scheduled Board meetings and annual meeting
  • Receive and answer correspondence associated with the sale of a unit
  • Provide 24-hour Customer Service, seven days a week
  • Prepare and mail all required meeting notices, proxies and ballots
  • Maintain all association files, documents and corporate record book
  • Prepare and mail a welcome package to each new resident

Financial Services:

  • Provide maintenance fee billing statement and/or payment coupons to each owner
  • Receive all checks from owner and make bank deposits as required
  • Receive all association bills, write checks and mail payments
  • Assist CPA in filing association corporate tax return
  • Develop a proposed budget and assist the Board accordingly in long range planning
  • Provide a monthly financial statement and delinquency report to Board Members

Maintenance Services & Property Inspections:

  • Conduct periodic inspections of buildings and grounds
  • Prepare standardized specifications for services and association maintenance projects
  • Obtain competitive bids, review all contracts and make recommendations to the Board
  • Complete normal maintenance and repair items promptly, in accordance with Association’s budget priorities
  • Oversee all contractor performance
  • Take necessary photographs for insurance claim and/or other follow-up and or future planning